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‘Business As Usual’

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – An update from The Herniman Group To our clients and industry partners, The Herniman Group is closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) across Australia using information and updates provided by the Australian Government Department of Health and The World Health Organisation. We are committed to playing our part in helping to […]

People become amazingly confused when they hear the dreaded words: ESD

What does it really mean? Environmentally Sustainable Development. This is nothing to do with climate change although, in my opinion, actioning most of these points contributes significantly to reduce the impact of climate change. Some large strides have been made since the dreaded days of the 1970s: New projects require ESD statements and calculations and […]

Town Planning Changes

    WARNING: this is dry!   Way back in mid-2018 the Victorian State government made a number of planning changes called Amendment VC148. It seems as though their main thrust is to simplify, and reduce the number of applications through common sense. Also being able to fast track small projects is easier. What does […]

Obtaining Competitive Prices

  In obtaining competitive prices or tenders it is important that builders have exactly the same drawings, specifications schedules and documents. If they vary or are incomplete the prices you obtain will be meaningless. This is critical.   Only obtain prices from builders that you know or have researched thoroughly as being excellent in this […]

Planning Permit Stage

Nurse, nurse, nurse the way through! Your drawings, other documents and forms and fees have to be lodged with Council. It will take Council a couple of weeks to assess the information. Council have 60 days in which to issue a permit unless the “clock stops” for any particular reason. Council may request further information […]

What Council is Mainly Concerned About

Council are concerned about a number of issues and here are some of the major ones. Going to Council with these sorted out is essential for your credibility. Council are mainly concerned about a thorough site analysis plan, shadows onto neighbours or onto other units and private open space in the development. Open space for […]

Dealing with council

Warnings and allowances Council officers aren’t idiots! They have heard all the tall stores before! And a lot worse! Many times! Always be respectful of council officers. They are the professionals! Not the politicians! Openly discuss what you want to achieve and seek their honest feedback. Discuss issues without heat and be prepared to offer […]