Good Bones – Light, Texture, Tone

It takes a lifetime to create a home!

If you get the bones right your home can change or develop as you do.

You can add seasonal colour or add additional detail found in the ever changing delights that are products and fashion items. Your home will always be a dynamic flexible space that reflects your mood.

Start with good bones.

  • Natural Light and Aspect – north light, east light, the “view”.
  • Scale – consider variation and proportion of internal volumes which in turn creates a variation of light and shade.light
  • Texture – Texture in the built fabric and internal furnishings – exposed internal brick, polished stone, thick plush carpets/ rugs, rustic timber.texture
  • Visual Highlights – Avoid clinical by layering a tonal palette and then adding features and contrasts – furniture, wallpaper, lighting, artwork. These are always able to be changed, keeping your space fresh.
  • Know your colour personality – choose colours that appeal to you, not necessarily those that are a current trend. That way you will always love it!personality
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