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Site Restrictions/Opportunities

Assessing what is a good potential development site


Size, shape and location, location, location will be fundamental information that will govern the suitability of a site for development.


Site impediments include easements, contaminants, surrounding buildings, traffic hazards, flooding, fire, sloping site and vegetation.


Site opportunities include: views, proximity to natural or other local features, orientation to the sun, vegetation and sloping site.


A trusted and experienced professional will be able to assess the site impediments. Usually the opportunities are obvious and why you are looking at the property in the first place. Your trusted professional can carry out a preliminary site analysis and plans. Site plans will enable calculations showing the yield on the property and size of each unit.


There are many types of easements including party wall easements, sewerage easement, stormwater easement and carriageway easement. Easements can often be expunged and any assets re-diverted but sometimes at great cost.

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