Town Planning Changes



WARNING: this is dry!


Way back in mid-2018 the Victorian State government made a number of planning changes called Amendment VC148.

It seems as though their main thrust is to simplify, and reduce the number of applications through common sense. Also being able to fast track small projects is easier.

What does this mean in review in a practical sense?

  • Reduce car parking requirements for new uses of many existing buildings in commercial areas
  • No visitor parking within 400 m of public transport (PPTN)
  • No permit to reduce the required number of car parking spaces for a new use in an existing building, providing certain requirements are met
  • Reduced car parking within 400 m of PPTN resulting in significantly fewer car parking numbers
  • Integration of VICSmart (fast tracking) into relevant zones
  • Heritage overlays more transparent and easier to discover
  • Applications for land adjacent to a Road Zone are now exempt from notices and reviews.


For us this means fewer car parks on site which could even improve yield! Also more fast tracking of smaller projects.

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