York Avenue - Under Construction

What Council is Mainly Concerned About

Council are concerned about a number of issues and here are some of the major ones. Going to Council with these sorted out is essential for your credibility.

Council are mainly concerned about a thorough site analysis plan, shadows onto neighbours or onto other units and private open space in the development.

Open space for each unit needs to open off living areas and be secluded. It should have good sunlight access.

Security and surveillance of the front door also concerns Council for the occupant’s safety!

Workability of car parking and turning circles into and out of car parking is essential and has to be in accordance with Australian Standards. Council require cars to exist the site in a forward direction.

Rubbish bins, air –conditioners, hot water services, solar panels and service pipes will also be on the list.

Preserving the natural environment, ESD, energy efficiency, water run-off, sewerage and stormwater availability regularly are raised.

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